EaterSF | January 2, 2018
15 Healthy, Awesome San Francisco Restaurants to Try
“From salads and smoothies to vegan cakes, Nourish Cafe is a healthy, tasty choice for “plant-based” (read: vegan) lunch, dinner, and dessert. Owners Sarah Bacon and Brighton Miller opened their first cafe in the Richmond in 2015 and expanded to meet demand to Nob Hill at 1030 Hyde Street in 2017. Their baked goods are prepared with only natural sweeteners and minimal oils, and their sandwiches are served on bread from Josey Baker and Tartine.”

EaterSF | December 4, 2017
24 of the Best Counter Service Spots in San Francisco
“Nourish Cafe SF: Colorful, crunchy salads, bowls and wraps are the order of the day at this miniature Inner Richmond café. Breakfast and lunch are the main attractions, including fresh juices, smoothies and toasts like cashew-cream cheese, or avocado. Oh, and it’s completely vegan. Grab to go or snag a chair on the sidewalk.”

Matador Network | August 10, 2017
The best breakfasts in San Francisco’s most delicious neighborhoods
Nob Hill: Nourish Cafe. “Why we love this place: Nourish Cafe makes some kick-ass breakfast treats. They use bread from Tartine and Josey Baker (see The Mill) for their avocado toasts or their toast slathered with homemade Nutella. The espresso date smoothie is something everyone should try. The health freaks among us will love the green açai bowl with spinach, broccoli, and banana.”

Eat Roam Live | August 2017
Singapore to San Fran: 11 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in San Francisco
1. Nourish Cafe – “While here, try the Nourish Bowl Salad ($14). With ingredients like Quinoa, spring mix, yam, avocado, sprouts, hummus, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sauerkraut, toasted sunflower seeds and oil-free creamy hemp dressing, this salad will actually nourish you inside out. Also great are their toasts, order the Sampler Toast $8, and a Chia Pudding $6 on the side to mix things up. With ingredients like almond milk, chia seeds, dates, cacao, vanilla and sea salt, this chia goodness is available in a variety of flavors including dragonfruit, creamy cashew, dark chocolate, and vanilla raspberry.”

Bob Cut Mag | July 2017
Bay Bites Guide 2017
“So what’s the angle of this mother nature table? Eat clean and eat whole, and strive for great taste and flavors. Don’t you think it’s time to nourish yourself?”

VacationIdea | July 10, 2017
23 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in San Francisco
“Nourish Café is a light-filled, welcoming café that aims to “help you eat healthier and feel fantastic through a natural, plant-based diet.” The eatery does this through their extensive organic menu of freshly prepared salads, hearty sandwiches, and super smoothies with a fresh spin, as well as favorites such as acai bowls, avocado toast, and yam and cheese sandwiches made with creamy nut cheese. Nourish Café has two locations in the Richmond District and Nob Hill and is open for breakfast and lunch, seven days a week. The café also offers catering services for special occasions.” | June 17, 2017
Nourish Cafe: Plant-Based, Organic Sustenance
“Nourish Cafe offers diners an array of large salads, smoothies, sandwiches, delicious desserts, and baked goods for breakfast and lunch. Some of their stand-out items are the Nourish Bowl, Bibimbap Bowl, Blue Matcha Lattes, and the Decadent Almond Cake. And everything served at this casual restaurant is not only vegan, but also made without refined sugar! Plus they make a variety of gluten-free items that are clearly noted on the menu.” | May 2017
9 Spots For Healthy And Delicious Acai Bowls in San Francisco
“Stop by Nourish Cafe for their Green Acai Bowl (and don’t worry about eating another vegetable for the rest of the day). It’s made of blended acai, spinach, broccoli, ginger, citrus, and almond milk, then topped with coconut, bananas, and greens granola. Trust us — it’s a flavor explosion.”

Elle Gourmet – Japan | May 2017
New Healthy issue: Keyword Breakfast in San Francisco. View PDF

Where | April 2017
The Fix: We’re Addicted to Bowls | View PDF

7×7 | April 11, 2017
Veg Out: The Bay Area’s 9 Best Vegan Restaurants
“Inner Richmond locals know all about Nourish Cafe and their massive plant-based bowls, salads, and sweet treats. This vegan joint is an easy pick for a healthy and mostly raw mid-week lunch or early dinner; try the signature Nourish Bowl or Bibimbap Salad. Weekend brunch is popular among health-conscious families.”

Hoodline | April 10, 2017
The Richmond’s ‘Nourish Cafe’ To Add Lower Nob Hill Location
“Lower Nob Hill residents will have new plant-based dining options when the Inner Richmond’s Nourish Cafe expands to the neighborhood next month… The new space is larger, and Bacon hopes to eventually expand its offerings, adding a breakfast bowl and serving the popular grilled ‘cheese’ all day, instead of just after breakfast.”

Eater SF | April 5, 2017
Nourish Cafe to Deliver Vegan Realness to Nob Hill in May
“Like its older sibling, the cafe will be 100 percent plant-based, offering a selection of vegan baked goods, acai bowls, smoothies, bowls, salads, sandwiches, and wraps with protein like “tuna” made from seeds and nuts. However, second location is much roomier, which will allow the duo some new menu items like warm grain bowls and more baked goods, as well as expanded catering operations. Also new will be the addition of espresso drinks made with almond milk and Stumptown Coffee, and kombucha on tap.”

Zagat | March 14, 2017
SF’s Best for Gluten-Free Dining
“Locally sourced, organic and non-GMO ingredients star in the “healthy” yet “always tasty” sandwiches, smoothies, “big salads” and other plant-based offerings at this New American cafe in the Inner Richmond; featuring white subway tile, wood accents and lots of natural light, the stylish space is “very small”, so it gets “crowded”, but the “helpful” counter crew does its best to keep things moving.”

Blackboard Eats SF | February 10, 2017
Ancient grains and modern mixes—SF’s 5 best grain bowls
“Plant-based, raw, organic, and non-GMO foods never feel forced at Nourish Café, the Inner Richmond’s healthful neighborhood café—the kind of spot we wish was in every neighborhood. Whether a faux “tuna” or a falafel salad, these hefty bowls are filling and made with care. The signature Nourish Bowl loads up quinoa with hummus, avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, spring mix, baby spinach, yams, sprouts, toasted sunflower seeds, and beet sauerkraut, in an oil-free, creamy hemp dressing. Order a dragonfruit smoothie to go with and you’ve got yourself one filling meal.”

San Francisco Magazine | January 30, 2017
The Best Fast-Dining Spots in the Bay Area
“Out in the Richmond, Nourish has veganized everything from tuna salad (here made with nuts) to ricotta (nuts again) and revealed itself as a strong player in the toast game. Try the version with homemade Nutella; it makes the world look a little kinder.”

Eater SF | January 2017
15 Vegetarian Restaurants That Make Meat an Afterthought
“This plant-based, organic eatery in the Inner Richmond has everything a vegetarian could crave for breakfast or brunch after yoga. There’s inventive salads, juices, toasts, smoothies, and açaí bowls that’ll all leave you feeling virtuous.”

Parsley Health Blog | November 2016
11 Restaurants for Real Food in San Francisco
“This restaurant is serving up fresh salads, juices, smoothies açaí bowls, wraps, sandwiches and of course, avocado toast. Two of the many reasons why we love this place: the Veggie Wrap (just beating the Nourish Bowl as our favorite dish on the menu) is wrapped in a raw spirulina wrap; the Green Acai Bowl has spinach AND broccoli in it.”

Eater SF | November 1, 2016
13 Super Fresh Smoothies and Juices in San Francisco
“This pleasant Inner Richmond cafe is all vegan, all the time. Check them out for a selection of tasty juices and smoothies, like the Pear-a-dise, made with pear, pineapple, banana, orange juice, honey, and mint. Juices run towards the standard combos like orange, carrot, and ginger, but are always fresh. Check out the non-tuna tuna sandwich, or a bowl for some solid food.”

Where Traveler | October 18, 2016
A San Francisco Restaurant Guide for Alternative Diets
“This darling of the Richmond District will make anyone fall in love with vegan pastries and desserts. Made with all-natural sweeteners, breakfast items include the cashew cream cheese toast and several versions of acai bowls. Nourish Cafe also offers plenty of savory delights, like the Nourish Bowl featuring a bed of super greens with pickled beets, boiled sweet potato and hummus—not to mention the big, beautiful wraps.”

Eater SF | July 21, 2016
20 of the Best Counter Service Spots in San Francisco
“Colorful, crunchy salads, bowls and wraps are the order of the day at this miniature Inner Richmond café. Breakfast and lunch are the main attractions, including fresh juices, smoothies and toasts like cashew-cream cheese, or avocado. Oh, and it’s completely vegan. Grab to go or snag a chair on the sidewalk.”

Vantigo SF | May 11, 2016
Where To Eat If You Don’t Eat Meat!
“Nourish does a lot of things well, but their salads and acai bowls top that list. There is something magical about the sweet potatos they put into their salads that really make you feel like a good person. And that green acai bowl? Totally worth it.”

The Culture Trip | March 18, 2016
How To Spend 48 Hours In San Francisco
“Day 2: Morning – Start out by grabbing breakfast at Nourish Cafe, which offers everything from acai bowls to baked goods. Then drive through the Presidio on Arguello Boulevard, stopping at Inspiration Point to enjoy a stunning view of the bay. If you are up for it (literally), sunrises at this spot are stunning and peaceful.”

Thrillist | March 4, 2016
The Best SF Vegetarian Restaurants That Even Carnivores Will Love
“After a particularly debaucherous night of beer, bacon, and burgers, get your detox on at Nourish Cafe, a plant-based, organic eatery offering salads, juices, toasts, smoothies, and açaí bowls that utilize whole, natural foods. Get in touch with your inner bunny rabbit while munching on vegetable-and-fruit-centric dishes that’ll leave you feeling great.”

The Culture Trip | February 9, 2016
The Top 10 Brunches In The Inner Richmond
“Not only does Nourish Café serve some of the best açai bowls in the area, it is also a vegan friendly location open at 7 am Monday-Friday and 9 am on Saturday and Sunday. It has baked goods, including vegan (and delicious) chocolate chip cookies and chocolate donuts. Get your meal to-go and head to Mountain Lake Park for a perfect outdoors brunch.”

7×7 | January 29, 2016
5 Healthy and Satisfying Lunch Salads in San Francisco
“Nourish is veggie-licious with big hearty salads that are sure to make your mouth water. They make four signature favorites including the nutrient dense Nourish Bowl, “Tuna” Salad with mock tuna, Bibimbap Salad with a Japanese flare, and our personal favorite, the Mexican-inspired Mission Salad. It’s a small eatery on a quiet street in the Richmond District, but well worth the trip.”

Eater SF | January 21, 2016
14 Fast and Fresh Counter Service Spots in San Francisco
“5 Nourish Cafe SF – Colorful, crunchy salads, bowls and wraps are the order of the day at this miniature Inner Richmond café. Breakfast and lunch are the main attractions, including fresh juices, smoothies and toasts like cashew-cream cheese, or avocado. Oh, and it’s completely vegan. Grab to go or snag a chair on the sidewalk.”

San Francisco Racked | January 20, 2016
Drink Up at San Francisco’s 9 Best Juice Bars
“4. Nourish Cafe – You can get healthy, hearty lunches here, but we’re thrilled about the simple and nourishing juices made to order. Try the Balanced, with spinach, apple, parsley, celery, ginger and lemon for a reliable green juice, or the Refresh, with pineapple, pear, cucumber, mint and lime for something a little sweeter.”

San Francisco Chronicle | December 31, 2015
Clean eating is the new California cuisine
“Everything should be eaten in moderation, but really it’s whatever gets people motivated,” says Brighton Miller, who opened Nourish, a plant-based cafe in the Inner Richmond in early 2015. “Sometimes people have to start there because elimination causes you to become mindful about what you’re eating.”

Still, she says, drastic diets are not realistic in the long term. Miller advises “eating the rainbow daily” and offers dishes at Nourish that follow suit: colorful salads tossed with hemp vinaigrettes, avocado toast made with gluten-free or conventional bread, acai bowls without added sugar.

Craving Goodness | October 6, 2015
Nourish Cafe – Plant-based cafe in San Francisco
“‘Eat clean and Eat whole’, is the philosophy at Nourish Cafe. I wish more places would adopt this concept. Not only is it a healthier way to live, but with food like at Nourish, it is far more delicious.”

7×7 | September 14, 2015
5 Healthy and Satisfying Lunch Salads in San Francisco
“Nourish is veggie-licious with big hearty salads that are sure to make your mouth water. They make four signature favorites including the nutrient dense Nourish Bowl, “Tuna” Salad with mock tuna, Bibimbap Salad with a Japanese flare, and our personal favorite, the Mexican-inspired Mission Salad. It’s a small eatery on a quiet street in the Richmond District, but well worth the trip.”

Poppy and Seed | July 28, 2015
Nourish Cafe
“Now that I’ve tried it for myself, I can tell you- they are the real deal. We love that they serve locally-made, gluten-free bread from Bread SRSLY (a pure product with no added yeast) and use only the highest quality ingredients. We ordered the “Tuna” Sandwich (made from sunflower seeds) on gluten-free bread, a Veggie Wrap served in a raw spirulina flatbread, and their Nourish Bowl Salad with oil-free, creamy, house-made hemp dressing—no processed, boxed, or artificial ingredients hidden here!” Read the full article

Bay Club Blog | July 9, 2015
Power to the Plant
“In addition to a welcoming ambiance, Nourish’s menu is stacked with real, nutritious foods, creatively combined to make crazy colorful dishes, like the Nourish Bowl and the playful Yam and Cheese.”

Eater SF | July 9, 2015
The San Francisco Brunch Heatmap: Where to Brunch NOW, July 2015
“Healthy brunchers should hit up this plant-based Richmond spot, where quinoa waffles, warm sweet grain bowls, fresh-pressed juice, avocado toast, and acai bowls are all part of the fun. They’re open 9 am-3 pm on weekends. FYI, the petite spot is also serving breakfast on the weekdays from 7 a.m.-10 a.m.”

SF Weekly | June 2015
Nourish Cafe: Best New Cafe (Especially if You’re Expecting)
“Tiny Nourish Cafe feeds a disproportionate amount of ladies with raw peapods and vegan treats, including international salads (a healthy take on the Korean staple bibimbap, and a Middle Eastern falafel number), açai bowls, and healthy grains. Everything is made with natural sweeteners and a minimum of oils.”

Food Network | June 2015
The Healthy Eater’s Guide to San Francisco
“In The Richmond District, not far from Golden Gate Park, newcomer Nourish Cafe draws big crowds for its green smoothies, gluten-free pastries, acai bowls and enormous composed salads…”

Thrillist | June 26, 2015
The 12 Hottest New Brunches in SF
“”Healthy” and “brunch” aren’t two words we’d usually put together, but that doesn’t mean Nourish Café won’t. This new Richmond spot offers organic, non-GMO, plant-based dishes that won’t put you in a food coma before noon, including quinoa waffles, acai bowls, avocado toast, and fresh-pressed juice, all available 9am-3pm on weekends.”

San Francisco Chronicle | June 14, 2015
Cook Your Week: Plant-Based Is The New Vegan
“While I’m generally opposed to any menu item that needs quotes in the title to alert the diner it’s an imitation, I’m a big fan of the “tuna,” a nut and seed blend with kelp, dill and lemon to mimic the taste of the real thing… I also love the bibimbap salad, the (prettier than most) avocado toast, and the acai bowl.”

San Francisco Chronicle | June 11, 2015
Diners, restaurants go ‘plant forward’ to aid planet, animals
“And both the Marina restaurant and its Richmond District competitor, eating at these restaurants takes the guesswork out of ordering, a refreshing phenomenon for those who have, in the past, had to thoroughly vet a menu before taking the plunge.”

Happy Herbivore | May 29, 2015
A Vegan Taste of San Francisco
“My favorite spot on the trip was Nourish Cafe which definitely lived up to its namesake with this salad! Complete with their signature oil-free dressing! I was so impressed with all their plant perfect offerings! They even had healthier, more wholesome takes on popular sandwiches, like the Bahn Mi and as they call it, “Yam & Cheese” sandwich. I also found these two delights in the baked goods section, both made without oil. I swear, in all my life, I have never seen oil-free vegan desserts EXCEPT in my own kitchen. We shared these for dessert.” | April 28, 2015
15 Delicious Spots for Clean Eats in San Francisco
“Perhaps the cleanest of the clean — this newer cafe only serves 100% plant-based, non-GMO organic whole foods. Leave feeling satisfied and full, not bloated and stuffed. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, clean eater, or none of the above, there is a place for everyone at the table. Next time you are contemplating lunch or dinner, check out these tasty stops — equally delicious and better health!”

San Francisco Chronicle | March 30, 2015
Virtuous and vegan, Nourish lives up to its name
“The tuna salad is a virtuous spin on a Nicoise, with halved grape tomatoes, seasonal blanched asparagus, cucumbers and fat coins of new potato atop a bed of chopped romaine. Dressed in a shallot mustard chia vinaigrette, the salad has an earthy flavor we recognize but can’t pin down — not quite shallot and not quite mustard, so we assume it must be chia — but the real star is a generous scoop of the mock “tuna,” a blend of sprouted sunflower seeds, almonds, dill, celery and kelp.” Read the full article

Healthy Vegan | March 30, 2015
“If I had to describe my dream restaurant, it would be the brand-new Nourish Cafe in San Francisco. This vegan eatery serves up fresh, healthy food like bowls (with oil-free dressings!), raw wraps, fresh juices, an array of toasts with toppings, and acai bowls (love the Green Acai Bowl with ginger and spinach)—all in a beautiful, Parisian-style café setting.”

Eater SF | March 3, 2015
Nourish Cafe Has Brought Clean Eating to Clement
“Their focus is on meat- and dairy-free food that tastes great, with organic, non-GMO options like a falafel bowl with romaine, hummus, cucumbers, and pickled onions, or a marinated tofu banh mi with roasted sweet potatoes and a cashew wasabi mayo. Also in the mix: acai bowls, toast (in varieties like avocado or housemade raw “Nutella”), and a daily soup.” Read the full article

San Francisco Chronicle – Inside Scoop | March 2, 2015
Nourish Cafe opens, and wants you to feel amazing
“Last week, Nourish Cafe — the newest entry in the plant-based food space — opened in the Richmond District. What with the neighborhood’s usual lineup of dim sum, Thai takeout and Russian bakeries, Nourish is a bit of an outlier. Nourish is nothing like its neighbor restaurants. As the Nourish folks put it on their website, their mission is to help you eat healthier and feel amazing through a natural, plant-based diet.” That means everything from green smoothies and acai bowls (acai bowls cannot be stopped) to salad with hemp dressing and sandwiches on extraordinarily seeded or gluten-free bread…”